Health Consulting_

Organization & planification

Consultancy in the area of health is a specialty in which our company can provide a wide range of knowledge and advice. We count among our collaborators, following our multi-participative work system, with experts in all areas of healthcare, economic, micro and macro health management, as well as human resources.

Nowadays, the organization of health services involves multiple actors from the public and private sectors, both at a pure healthcare level, as well as at the level of technology, infrastructures, supplies or the medicine industry.

_Health policies and services

The health organization needs more and more advice that analyze, from an neutral point of view, situations, conjunctions of interests and opportunities in which the different stakeholders, both organizations and professionals converge. Our team is not only made up of consultants with extensive experience in organization, but also has a network of expert collaborators who can create a team specially designed for each project.


  • Planning and dimensioning of infrastructures and endowments
  • Technological adaptation
  • Design of organizational systems adapted to a specific population, specialty or health care of an area or modernization of macro management of the organization as a whole

_Bioindustries or pharmacy

With areas of consulting work in designing strategies for collaboration with public systems and product penetration in the market, as well as strategic advice from public organizations in the face of changes in scientific evidence or market strategies.

_Social and health services

As a consultancy service outsourcing, collaboration with public health services, individual or group organization of social health centers, etc.