International Relantionships_

We understand that more and more companies are born with an international vision and therefore we focused on highlighting their differential value, placing the focus on communication and the promotion of international collaborations / alliances.

International collaborations

We offer the following services to encourage the establishment of punctual (by project) or strategic international collaborations:

  • Management of the study request for the validation of health or social care solutions.
  • International speakers for meetings, forums and workshops.
  • Support in fairs, congresses, international forums suitable for the visibility of the company or one or several of its business lines.

European projects

Funding is a very important part of the internationalization of a company. In many cases, this process begins with participation in European projects. We therefor offer:

  • Support in calls for European projects.
  • Support in the application for specific internationalization grants.
  • Search for international strategic partners.